A Great Smile Brings Endless Possibilities

Our team can help transform your level of confidence in your smile with quality dental care. Call today to achieve a newer, more beautiful smile!

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With a long-standing career in dentistry, Dr. Jeffrey T. Lodl puts great care and consideration into providing quality service to the local community. Our practice was first opened in 1987 with the mission to provide each patient with customized dental care in Arvada, Colorado. Here at Arvada West Dental Care, we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Our dentist and team make it our greatest priority to care for your smile with full and undivided attention!

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Same-Day Crowns

Our dentist and team want to help make your new smile as effective and convenient for you as possible with same-day dental crowns!

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you feeling dissatisfied or less confident in your smile due to imperfections in your teeth? Contact us today for professional cosmetic dentistry!

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Implant Dentistry

Do you struggle with your smile due to missing teeth? Our team can help you achieve a fuller, more invigorated smile with implant dentistry.

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Laser Dentistry

We offer a range of laser dentistry treatments to help effectively restore and improve the overall health of your smile. Call today to learn more!

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If the condition of your smile is at risk due to deeply infected teeth, we encourage you to visit us for professional root canal treatment.

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Dental Lifeline Network®

Dr Jeffrey T. Lodl

Our team is dedicated to providing affordable dental care in Arvada, Colorado, and surrounding areas. We participate in donated dental services through the Dental Lifeline Network® to help assist patients with comprehensive dental care. For patients with disabilities or those who are medically at risk, this program can provide easily accessible dental care. If you are in need and searching for an outstanding dental office near you, contact us today!

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